My Repetoire & Musical Resume


Formally a competing Grade 1 piper with the Eastern & Western US Pipe Band Association, my musical background began in 1963 with the violin, and over the years has included the french horn, sitar, electric bass, oboe, banjo and saxophone. Recently, however, I have devoted most of my time to  piping, with formal training, piping schools, and workshops, including ASU School of Music, The Balmoral School of Piping and Drumming, The Jimmy McIntosh School of Piping and Drumming , the North American Pipers Gathering for alternate pipes, and the US School of Piping and Drumming.  I have competed throughout the Eastern and Western US and have won solo prizes for 'Piper of the Day' at many contests along the eastern seaboard, western mountain states, and Canada. Besides competitions, I have produced and conducted piping concerts and recitals throughout Maine and New England.  I also had the unique honor to open the 40th Anniversary celebration of Valley Forge National Park, the 400th Anniversary of the founding of the Popham Colony in Maine, and was the first bagpiper to play at the US Naval Memorial in Washington, DC.

What I play - equipment
My bagpipes are made by Dunbar Bagpipes of Canada. The P4a pipes are full metal mounted, made out of a product called Delrin, and use a Canmore zipper synthetic bag. They are not susceptible to cracking and are much easier to maintain. The Dunbar DB-4 pipes are blackwood, with silver metalwork, and also uses a Canmore zippered bag. I use EZ Drone (synthetic) drone reeds, and either Gilmour, or Husk medium chanter reeds. I'm also performing with several local municpal bands with my Bundy BTS-300 Tenor Sax.



Traditionally, bagpipe music can be categorized into
several major groups:
> Dance Music - Strathspey, Reel, Jig, Lilt, Hornpipe
> Marches - 2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, & 9/8
> The Laments - Mainly used for funerals
> Piobaireachd - The classical music of the pipes

Although my specialty is the performance of the Piobaireachd, for general performances I play a mixture of each of these, and also some of the more modern compositions. There are thousands of bagpipe tunes available, so if you are looking for something special, I will do my best to find it. Many of the Scottish Clans have their own tunes and if available, I will perform those at your request. I also perform many of my own compositions, and will also compose a tune for your special occasion at no cost.

A former grade 1 solo piper & member of The Eastern & Western US Pipe Band Associations, Pipers and Pipeband Society of Ontario, The Scottish Piobaireachd Society, The Piobaireachd Society of Central PA, The Lowland and Border Pipers Society, The American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers (ASCAP), The Maine Arts Commission, and The Maine Songwriters Association. 
Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator - AI1B